Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Last Visit

This morning I had an appointment to see the ortho doctor. He questioned me as to how I felt. No pain in the knee I told him but the muscle pain is still persisting. He suggested sciatic pain and questioned me as to where it was. I don't have pain in the hip which is where the sciatic pain would originate and I told him it never hurts there. The quads and hamstrings get tight and stiff and very painful each time I sit down and get back up and upon arising in the morning. I don't think everyone has this post tkr but I do know some who do suffer this. I'm going to give it another month or so and gauge whether I am improving and the pain is lessening. If not, I will make an appointment with him to see what can be done. I talked to an exiting patient that had just finished her appointment 2 wks post tkr. She was still using a walker and when I asked if she had muscle pain she said yes she does. She is expecting to return to work in August. I'm wondering if she will be pain free by then. She was appalled that I still felt pain at 4 months post surgery. I can only wait and see if it disappears one day in the future.

Carrie is in the backyard running through the sprinkler. We emptied out her pool. It's really too hot to have water in it. She wouldn't be able to get in because the water would be much too hot. Peg's pool feels like a hot tub of water. I'm going to stay out of it till it cools down with some rain. Rain? I've forgotten what a good rain shower feels like. We continue in our drought and record heat.

I got the Toyota back today. The a/c is blowing wonderful cold air finally. I'll be driving it this week to make sure the coolant isn't leaking out of it. A gasket was pinched and needed to be replaced. The guy that put in the compressor last summer failed to get this gasket in correctly. Instead of replacing it after I told him a day later after picking it up that it wasn't cooling, he started telling me it probably needed a dryer....etc. This is after he got his money, 900.00 and he wasn't really interested then in finding out why it wasn't cooling unless he could charge me more money. I was livid. That was last summer. This year I decided I would try having it fixed once again. I'm a bit nervous on how long it will cool so I'll be watching it this week.

I'll clean it up tomorrow. Wash, wax and buff it out. It's been a good car and is great as a spare to keep around in case my car goes down or daughter's car goes down.

I'm outta here to wash it. It's a little cooler right now.

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