Saturday, June 13, 2009


Two options for today. I could go to Peg's and hang out in the pool with Carrie and Ted. I could drive to Lydia and return some borrowed items to Carrie's gr.grandparents and let them enjoy some time with her. They don't get to see her often and they are always thrilled when she gets to go visit them.

Option 1, the swimming thing. I wish it were more of an option but I don't think hauling my sun burnt body back out into the sun and fun of pool time is wise. It (the sun burn) still is a bit painful. It's better but still tender.
That leaves Option 2. If I do go to Lydia, I'll leave around noon. I plan on going back to sleep for a few hours. I got up early early this morning. F (hubby) had to be taken to the airport to catch his flight to North Dakota. You almost can't get there from here. He has a 3hr layover in Minnesota. I think he flies to Memphis or Atlanta, then to Minnesota then to Minot, N.D. It will take most of the day just to get there and that's flying!

Right now I'm watering the lawn. We are in a drought. I won't have to mow the grass for weeks. Nothing is growing but soon it will be turning a nice shade of chocolate if it doesn't get a little water. It won't get watered often or long because of the drought situation here.

I need a haircut and a pedicure. That is also an option but I'll probably save that for next week.

Daughter and kids are leaving on Tuesday for Pittsburgh. A visit with her dad and for the kids a visit with Grandfather. They are way past due for a visit.

It's time to move the sprinkler. Two more moves and I"m done then I can hopefully go back to sleep for a few hours.

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