Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pool time and Chicken too

Phone calls were flying around here yesterday from Wyoming to hubby. They told him to head to location, called back within the hour and told him not to leave yet and called again a little later to tell him it was a "go" and he could leave. A few more phone calls much the same as above and finally it was agreed he could leave around 4AM this morning.
Carrie spent the night and around 10PM it was time for her to settle down for her big sleep as she calls it. While I was reading her a bedtime story the phone rings and it's Wyoming again. Sheeze. Can't these people get it together a bit better then this?Now he has to leave at 2AM and it's already midnight. He slept for a couple of hours and away he went. He should be home again tomorrow evening; a short job.
I didn't even roll over when he left this morning. I remember him mentioning "g'bye" and I think I muttered something and then I was back to sleep. I awoke again when Carrie was standing beside my bed scolding me for sneaking out of her bed after she went to sleep. I reached down and dragged her up onto the bed and tucked her in, said goodnight and rolled over for another hour or so of sleep.
At 5:30 I figured it was enough sleeping so I slid out of bed and to the kitchen to start a fresh pot of coffee. I got my first brew of the day and settled on the sofa to watch the morning news in blissful silence. No one here or at least the one here with me was asleep still so I could enjoy some quiet time. All of 5 minutes later I hear the little feet scuffling down the hallway. So much for my quiet time. Back up and to the kitchen to fulfill her request for chocolate milk and we settle down on the sofa again. I'm hoping she nods back off for a while. During this wait, she drinks her milk, puts on a movie, brushes her teeth, gets into my purse and selects the brightest reddest lipstick and draws a huge ring around her lips that barely misses the lower edge of her nose. Eventually she climbs into the big chair to watch her cartoon movie and there she slips into sleep once again. Did I mention she snores? Cautiously I increase the volume on CNN and catch up or rather watch the rehashing of yesterday's news.
It's 8AM and already 80 degrees. Today should be a scorcher. I may pack everyone up and head to Peggy's house. Peggy lives in the country around a little town called Breaux Bridge. If you take your own towel, you can hang out at her pool and since she has been calling me for the past week to come exercise my leg in her pool, I may just do that. I'm going to take a big casserole of Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas, refried beans and Spanish rice to her house. She cares for a cousin that has muscular dystrophy and who lost his home and all possessions when Galveston got hit by that hurricane. Jim has been requesting Mexican food so I'll take him a treat.
I'll have to make a trip to the grocery store to get what I need to finish the chicken enchiladas. Have I mentioned we planted about 6 jalapeno pepper plants and now have enough peppers to supply a farmer's market? Those things multiply quickly. Next year, two plants only. We have been roasting them on the grill, spreading them on a cookie sheet and freezing then then bagging them and back to the freezer. This way we can pull a few out of the frozen bags as they are frozen individually. I know you were on pins and needles waiting for this information.
Before I bore myself to tears and you along with me, I'm signing off. I could go back and erase most of this but what's done is done. If you have endured this long, you have my blessings!
(making a list: sunscreen, suits, towels and corn tortillas)

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