Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is it Really Tuesday?

Ah, the  temperatures have dipped down last night so we won't be in the 80's today and that's alright with me. It will be pleasant anyway.

The husband just boarded the white Dodge and is now steering toward New Mexico. Once again, he is headed for the reservation to try to get this job done. I'll be happy when it's in the past. I'm ready to make a trip somewhere and as soon as this New Mexico mess is out of the way, an assignment might come along that would tempt me into traveling.

I ordered a phone from Ebay yesterday. Once again, a Razr V3, without a qwerty keyboard is what I will be using. Now, to find those extra batteries I had purchased for the last Razr I owned. I'll use this phone until my upgrade is due in June, then I'll get an iPhone.

My plans for today? I should have projected something but I didn't so I'll just free fall along and see what happens.

72 degrees and Carrie and I climbed into the roadster and set off for an afternoon of social calls with a friend. We roared across the swamp road leaving a tunnel of dust in our wake. The green algae covered swamp water was high to the bank, cypress trees sprinkled throughout with the spanish moss dripping from their limbs and not an alligator  did we spy.

We bypassed the swamp road on the way home. It was getting dark and going through the swamp after dark gives me the creeps. The swamp steams  and the fog creeps across the road. Most of the roadway is uninhabited except for weekend camp sites.

I'm publishing this and pasting a link to this in Ayak's blog comment site on her blog to see if she can get to this post. Blogger has been shut down in Turkey by the government there. We will test by this post!
Good luck Ayak.

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