Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cells, Surgeries, March Cuts

The husband called to tell me he was finished with his job and would be driving to Amarillo where he plans on spending the night and then continuing on home tomorrow night. A few minutes pass and my cell rings again.

He is calling again to tell me he may not make it home tomorrow. He thinks he might be rerouted to Sequin, Tx. to a location. He plans on calling me again tomorrow and updating me when he gets more information. It might be a busy upcoming month for him.

I'm waiting on Mardi Gras to finish up this coming week so I can call a podiatrist. It's time for another surgery. It's March isn't it? It seems that every March for the past two years I've had surgery. Even if surgery is planned again, I'm sure the doctor won't be able to get me in a surgery suite this month which sorta breaks my streak for March surgeries. Oh ...darn!

I think I have another bone spur. The good news is, it isn't in the right  foot nor in the Achilles tendon. It's the left heel which is very painful when I attempt to stand on it. I'm trying not to throw a tantrum about this. I'm inches away from doing just that. I was looking forward to walking without pain after the last two surgeries but apparently that is not to be. I'm hoping that recovery time won't be as long since this spur isn't in the Achilles tendon. 

I've stayed in the house today and marvelled at all the gasoline I have conserved. I really didn't have anywhere to go and the temperatures weren't an encouragement to leave the house.

Yesterday I received the Razr V3 phone I had ordered from Ebay. It was to replace my dead Samsung. That's the same Samsung that the grandson is now carrying. He has always coveted that phone and attempted to trade me his LG slider for my Samsung slider. I'm not that gullible sunny boy!   I knew my Samsung was way cooler then his little LG.

When the touch screen died on that Samsung, Ted took it in hand and played with it long enough to discover that if you slid it open just a wee bit, the screen would work. By this time I had ordered one from Ebay and then  went to the "spare phone drawer" here and selected a Nokia to use until my ordered Razr would appear. Ted's idea was to use my Samsung and he would let me use his LG since it had a qwerty keyboard. That's how it goes now. I have his pitiful little LG while he has my fancy smancy Samsung. When the Razr arrived yesterday, I tested it out and then dropped it into the "spare phone" drawer. It never hurts to have access to spare phones. When I'm due for an update in June, I'll get an iPhone and another phone will be added to the "spare phone drawer". I'm seriously thinking about renting them out. I could run an ad to rent a phone to those not due an update but have a phone that has died. My ad might
 "Drop your cell phone in the toilet? and not due for an upgrade?"  or "The washer claimed your cell phone and your upgrade is months away?"   

 I joke. I don't want a business.

I envision my new packing procedure for a trip. Underwear, capris, blouses and a spare cell phone. How did I survive traveling without a spare phone? a laptop? a digital camera? an external hard drive? and cameras? I'm going to need a truck to travel.

It's time to move my car back into the carport. I washed it today and moved it to the driveway to sit in the sun to dry the top.

I'm closing this down. I'm out of wine. I have to have my glass of red. It's good for the heart ya know. In the event that I develop a heart problem, I'll be way ahead of orders to drink a glass of red a day; I've started early. It's purely medicinal. Am I starting to sound like Charlie?
I'm done. 

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