Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Gonna Be Tight

I said goodbye to my trusty little Toyota Corolla today. She is now living with the granddaugher. I've cautioned the granddaugher about abuse to my baby. She promises to take care of her but do you really trust anyone with your baby? I'm sure the granddaughter will never take as good a care of her as I did. Ya just gotta let em go eventually. I'm all teary so I'll change the subject now.

I had a plan. As soon as this trip appeared, I mentally packed. The hubs has a job in San Antonio. He'll drive down tomorrow and check out the area and where he will be staying. We are not sure but it looks as though it might be right in San Antonio. Though I've been there more then a few times, I would make this trip again.

Our plan was to have me drive the roadster on this trip after I get a phone call on where he will be staying. So I made a list. 

1.Red suitcase, carry on size, packed with warm weather clothes,
2. don't forget bathing suit.
3. Makeup/hair products
4. Laptop
5. Cameras
6. Phones/chargers
and I even had it planned where I would stow this in the roadster. Remember, it does not have a trunk. There is a small area around the edges of where the rag top fits down in it's hatch where clothes could be layered. If I kept the top up, I would have more packing options. I hate to limit myself to not being able to drop the top when I want.

I emptied the contents of the glove box into a large zip lock bag and stowed it in the "trunk that's not really a trunk at all". Who needs the operating manual kept in the glove box? Another zip lock bag now holds my GPS.  Space is at a premium and every square inch is coveted plus I never could find the insurance card and registeration easily. Two pair of sunglasses, one with a floral pattern in purples and pink ...and no..I do not wear these. They belong to Carrie and since she is my usual sidekick in this car, we stow a pair of sunglasses for her along with a pair for me.

Their is another small compartment box on the center console about shoulder height. CD's and earphones are currently occupying that space.

While cleaning the interior I folded the driver's seat forward and found  two pockets. One on the back of the seat and one closer to the floor. My GPS now has a place to reside besides the crowded glove box.

What's that you say? Carrie? Carrie going with me? Packing for Carrie? I'm going to have to do some serious recalculating.

Will my suitcase fit in the floor in front of the passenger seat? Ditch the suitcase idea and pack everything in a nylon type sack with handles? Layer clothing in a plastic bag and carry along the nylon sack for packing them into the hotel?   Nix the idea of putting the top down at all on the drive there?  Ditch Carrie and sneak off alone? Ah, this is a trial run, this short trip to San Antonio. I'm sure I'll be learning a lot about traveling using this little vehicle.

Plan B:
Ditch the roadster and take the Grand Marquis?

First thing tomorrow morning, I'll be checking space which already I know is almost non existent. I can Navy roll the clothes. I'll figure something out.
Right now, I'm way past my bedtime.

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