Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bath Time

I have been busy! Still working on the little Toyota. I'm on a cleaning binge. I did another coat of wax on it..the first time was such a disaster and she shines prettily now. My finger nails are now a nice shade of black if black came in shades. I spray painted arms of the  windshield wipers. The floor mats are back in it and the windows are cleaned. I'm almost done. The inspection sticker was placed this morning. I'll check the oil, brake fluids and radiator and hopefully get the title notarized and the form to "gift" it to Elise.

I had keys made at the hardware store and the only thing those keys would do is start the car. The keys wouldn't work on the door locks so I made a trip to the locksmiths. Bingo! I had two keys cut there that will unlock the door AND work in the ignition switch. One spare key is in a magnetic holder and attached to the right rear quarter panel. I'm keeping a couple keys with me. I have never had to call Pop A Lock and pay a small fortune to get a car unlocked. I keep spares and plenty of them. 

This is not the first time down this road for a car for Elise. I think this might be the fourth one and she is only 22 yrs old. This is her last one from me. I'm all done with supplying cars for anyone. It will be years before Carrie can drive and I've already promised her the Solstice and she tells everyone it's her car and Nana is just driving it till she gets her liscense.

Since I had the water hose uncoiled, the Marquis got bathed along with the Solstice. I'll start waxing the Marquis tomorrow if it's a nice dry day. The cars have to be done before it gets much warmer here. 

Spring cleaning for me is waxing. It won't get done again until a nice cool fall day rolls around. 

The afternoon was spent at the casino. I took a book along with me and after dropping a few dollars in the slot machines, I found a bench in the sunshine and cracked open my book. I read until the two hours of blackjack playing was finished. We have an agreement. Two hours of cards then we are out of there. I try to entertain myself for those two hours. I can't sit at the slots for long. I get too antsy and watching a machine eat my money does nothing for my once good mood. The casino has never got enough money from me to help even modestly with the utilities.  

It's time for my bath which will really be a shower and I'm looking forward to the comfy bed. 

My day was not one of excitement but one of accomplishment. 
I'm done! 


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