Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Hair Affair

My hair and I have an off and on again relationship. It's been like this for years. If we cohabitate together in a state that has a dry climate, we tend to be more tolerable of each other. I can shampoo and blow it dry and have a non frizzy thick mane. I can turn my head quickly and feel it swing out away from my head in a silky and shiny flow of hair. Then we move south and east.

We never quite recapture the days of comraderie that we enjoyed in the dry climate of the west. For a while I fought the inevitable. Fluffy, frizzy wild hair that forms a halo around my head. They is no "swing" anymore. Eventually I give up on developing a compatible arena for us. I retaliate against the hair and cut it short. Now  I have a short frizzy do instead of a long one. No longer do I bother with a blow dryer to smooth it but I let it win. Waves creep in as it dries. I wasn't blessed with straight hair nor curly hair but with waves. I'm done. I'm down for the count. You win. Have it your way. Haloes of frizzyness, you have won.

Then I bought a little red car. A little red roadster rag top and I cured my hair woes. I'm a winner. I've discovered the oddest thing about this ride. It gives me curls. It gives me something I couldn't achieve with a blow dryer. I have no idea why, but when I drop the top on the roadster and ride around in it, my hair twists itself into ringlets that I can't duplicate intentionally. See for yourself.

and below, a picture of the daughter....she has always had curls...

and there you have it. Curls and more curls.

I have to have a ragtop to get curls, while the daughters are a natural happening.

I only wash my hair on a sunny day now; on a day when I can drop the top on the little red car and cruise around until my head of hair drys itself into curls! My hair and I are now tolerant of each other. I'm no longer in the middle with waves.


  1. Gee. Most folk just go to the stylist. Trust you to be different.

  2. Buffalo: a stylist would never achieve these curls unless they wrapped me up in a perm with all kinds of chemicals..


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