Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Solid, too Solid

It's another day of rehab on those cushions. It only takes a few minutes to wrap one in a blanket and pitch it beneath the car. Forward, reverse, forward, reverse and I'm done for a while. I don't want to overdo it and end up with sofa cushions that are as limp as the old ones were. 

The daughter came over this afternoon to collect Carrie before heading to the store. She walked over and sat on the middle cushion and then looked at me with that "what were you thinking" look.  I had her move to the other cushion that hasn't had the Mercury treatment at all. She could notice the difference in the firmness between those cushions but still stated "that sucks". "I would rather sit on the table. At least I expect it to be hard."

I'm not giving up quite yet. I have a full tank of gas in the Mercury, enough for at LEAST a  week's worth of driving 3 feet forward and 3 feet backwards times 3 cushions.

I'm directing small children away from this sofa. I'm afraid one of them may fall into one of these cushions and get a concussion or at the very least, break an arm or leg. Have I mentioned, there is no "give" at all in this foam.

I'm still wondering where this foam would be beneficial. Stunt men couldn't fall into it without being injured. For flooring, it might be soft. I just can't imagine the uses for it. Maybe padded cells? Scratch that.

............and I thought my problems would be over when I got my sofa cushions back. Just goes to show............. 
I'm off to look for some plywood. It has been suggested to me by Facebook friends I need to put a piece of plywood on them before the Michelin. I'm guessin this is for distribution of the weight?
I'm done!  

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