Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is Springing Here

I had errands to run but it was a bit chilly this morning. 50 degrees when I woke up so dawdled around waiting for a few more degrees.  How many times in the past month have you said "dawdled"? I'm going to have to spell check that one!

Off to the post office to mail back to the Ebay seller the pretty blue Razr phone I had ordered. The keys were sticking on it. My original Samsung is now living in the top drawer of the chest of drawers along with the other phones that have died. I'm using the spare once again. I'm soooooooo over cell phones.

In four more days, April will enjoy another birthday. She got her birthday gift early. Four new tires for her Jeep. Onion peel tires and wet roads make for an accident waiting  to happen. You might wonder what April thinks of this kind of gift. She loves it and  said she feels powerful with her new tires. Let's face it. Sometimes "practical" is where it's at. She needed new tires and she doesn't have the money for them so she is very grateful for this gift.

Since I had the Jeep in my possession, I returned back to my house with it and shampooed the seats and the carpets. I could have spent hours more on it but I didn't have the time. The daughter needed it back to make  a trip. 

My afternoon was spent on the sofa sleeping. Apparently my friend Pat stopped by, knocked repeatedly on the door. She knew I had to be home. Both cars were on the carport. She quietly tried opening the door. It wasn't locked so she peeked inside and found me asleep on the sofa. She called my name but I remained asleep. She noted a couple of pill bottles on the coffee table and then her imagination went skittering off into a story pertaining to pills and long long sleeps. She slipped out of the house and went home. A few hours later, my phone rings and she tells me this story you have just read. She wanted to make sure I was still in the land of the living.

April called. I woke and headed to her house for Pizza. Carrie returned home with me to spend the night and that's been my day here in sunny Louisiana. It's spring time and the trees, bushes, vines and flowers are blooming. The snap dragons around the mailbox out front are a rainbow of colors. New stuff in sprouting up from the flower beds and I wait to see what blooms. Spring is my favorite time of year. A renewal. Fresh, clean and colorful. It's March in south west Louisiana!

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