Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Official

I hunch my shoulders as I whisper this. I've applied for SS benefits. I'm officially old.

I knew this before yesterdays application for SS was electronically finished and the "Send" icon was tapped.

As I creak out of bed in the morning, my left foot barely touches the floor when the pain shoots up my leg and I gingerly take hop like steps across the room and to the door to the hallway. By the time I reach the kitchen, the ligament in the bottom of my foot has stretched and isn't rubbing against the bone spur. My right knee has loosened up a bit and the limp is barely noticeable. On the bright side, I still have my teeth.

Yeah, it didn't take the SS application to confirm though it does make it appear more official having it on a piece of paper.

I opened a separate account yesterday  for direct deposit. I'll have a years' worth of deposits before Ted graduates from high school and I intend to pay for his first semester of college should he make good his promise on going. I've cautioned the boy that the first semester will be on me. We'll discuss the second semester at Burger King with breakfast and  over the report on his grades for that first semester.

I hesitated on applying for SS benefits. That was before I spoke with the neighbor. She had just finished a book and it said "sign up as soon as you are eligible. you can't recoup the money lost by waiting until you are 66 yrs of age". I signed up.

Should I decided to  work occasionally, I think the limit I can earn without being penalized is 14,000 a year. I may not have this number correct but I'm not too worried at this time. I don't foresee a job for me in the near future.

The hearing aid ads that arrive along with the offers to set me up with a casket and flowers that I can pay for now instead of my family worrying about it indicated that someone was watching the clock on my age.

I want my family to be busy. To have something to do "when my time" comes. I'll feel it's a bit of compensation for all the time and effort  I extended to them most of my life. On my headstone, I want engraved, "It was the stress and, yes, it's all your fault."

Here it is ..Friday:

I still haven't posted this blog and we are rolling right into the weekend. I looked for the keys to my roadster yesterday afternoon after getting back from the casino. I'm still looking today. I do have an extra key with it's own remote control but the remote doesn't function at all. Dead battery?  Yep, I made a trip to the Locksmith this morning to have the battery replaced. While there, I checked the price of a new key (40.00) and a new remote (79.00) or both for  69.00. Guess which one I chose? I told the locksmith I would get back to him after I got back home and searched a little longer for it.

After searching the freezer in a last ditch attempt I've given up. The locksmith is ordering the remote and in a few days, I will have a spare set.

The husband called yesterday to ask if I saw that white Dodge sitting on the lot at the dealership. I drove by and took a look. For a mere 40,000.00 he could be driving this new beast. I want him to keep looking.

I'm publishing this today. We might go to New Orleans this weekend to the Rock N Bowl. Tab Benoit is playing and the husband mentioned driving down.

I'm going to take a little nap now.
I'm done! 

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