Monday, March 7, 2011

Another One Adopted Out

Though the temperatures reached 70 degrees today, it was with a brisk wind which drove the degrees downward so it was not the most comfortable day. A long sleeve shirt and long pants helped.

I called the daughter and asked if she wanted to go see a movie. She did and we did. It was a good movie but I doubt it will ever see an Oscar nomination next year for best picture of the year.

The little Toyota was abandoned to the back yard by the husband last week. I could see the nose of it sticking out beyond the back of the house. Today I found the keys for it and drove it to the front where I washed it and then took it to have an inspection sticker put on it. The little car is now 20 yrs old and has 140,000 miles on her. She starts right up and purrs quietly to wherever you direct her. The body on her is fabulous. I only wish my body had held up as good as that little Corolla's has.

She made a trip to the inspection station and was denied a new sticker. This is my fault. I knew she needed some brake light bulbs and a turn signal bulb and months ago I was going to put them in. Of course I didn't take it for inspection until today and forgot all about her needs.

We returned home where I grabbed some tools and set about pulling lenses off her to replace the bulbs that I had bought on the way home from the failed inspection caper. Wrong bulbs! It took two more trips to get the right ones and this only worked because I pulled the bulbs out and took them to the auto store.

I don't mind doing this now. I would hate doing it in mid summer in the heat.

After checking to make sure all the lights were functioning, I took her to the car wash to wash the engine. I left the engine running and sprayed the engine and under the hood then switched to wax mode and sprayed it with wax. She needs a good rub in wax and buffing and maybe I'll get that done before I hand her over to the granddaughter.

After Mardi Gras, I'll take her back to get her inspection sticker and sign the title over to the granddaughter. That will be two vehicles that have been removed from my name and two that I won't be insuring any longer.

Ted is using his truck for errands. He isn't badgering his mother about driving it and wont' be driving it to school. He is conserving his gasoline but then so am I.

The hubby returned home tonight and mentioned the oilfields he drove through on the way here. Some of them had old pump jacks that hadn't been pumping oil for years. There were now crews on site and working on them. These wells don't produce much so they weren't being pumped but now with the price of a barrel of crude, the 1000.00 a day they will pump is now a lucrative field for the oil companies.

The husband will be home for a couple of days and then gone again. I may go with him on the next job. That depends on where he is  going and if he will be staying on location or not.

I want to get the Toyota transferred and if that gets done, then I'm outta here for a while.

I thought I wouldn't be rushing around here today in anticipation of the hubby returning and having to clear up my bad habits before he returned. I was all ready except for that water hose across the front lawn. Then the car caper caught be up and took longer then I anticipated and at that, I didn't get the inspection sticker part done. Ah well, the water hose did get put away and the Toyota parked BESIDE the house instead of in the back.
I'm done for the day. It's time for another shower and some fresh pajamas.

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