Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hangin Out On Saturday

We are done with spring. It was a wonderful 86 degrees here today and I almost sweated. This must stop. I hate sweating and I hate the heat.

It looked like a detail shop down my street today. Everybody that owned a pail, brush and vehicle was out cleaning and shining them. Water hoses like green snakes  were spread from spigots and across yards. A few stray soap bubbles would sail by pushed by the puffs of wind as they would escape the long handled brushes.  The powdery pale yellow dust was the only thing on my car that needed attention. The last time I washed the car I did not wipe it dry so the pollen created a look like a cup of coffee was splashed across the hood. Today it was sprayed and dried.

I mentioned that I got the sofa cushions back? Well, I did. They look marvelous, all firm with their perfectly squared edges, they rejuvenated the sofa. It doesn't look tired any longer.

Now let's discuss sofa comfort. This is where error in judgement leaps up and out. Sitting on this sofa is akin to sitting on a slightly padded board. I've went from a sofa cushion that hugged your body to one that wants to expel you from it's body. I caution my lady friends to descent slowly to avoid damage to ovaries. It's firm.

I spoke with Mr. Romero about the likelihood of the cushions softening up with use. He assures me they will get more comfortable. I'm thinking about the fifteen year warranty on this foam and wondering how many years it might take to get a little looseness. The upside is I don't have to take the sofa to have the springs adjusted. We have plenty of height now. My feet barely touch the floor.

I've contemplated a few ways of advancing the softening of these cushions. Would placing them on the patio and parking the car on top of them cause them to stretch a bit?  How about pitching them onto the four lane highway in front of my house for a couple of days?  Is there a softening spray that can be used? I  surfed the web for an answer to this. I have even given a thought to drilling small holes down through the foam to give it some room to collapse in upon itself. I'm not giving up on any of these ideas. I'm just delaying the use of these methods for a later date to give them time to soften by use. So far, no luck and I'm perched upon my board sofa still amazed at how firm foam can be.

I did a few other chores and cleaned up loose ends on some projects and today I may sit in the sun and read for a while. Rain is heading this way later this week. The trip we thought about taking to New Orleans this week was scrapped. Instead we decided to wait until Jazz Fest for our visit.

Right now, I'm going to sip my cup of coffee and watch something on Planet Green.
I'm done.

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