Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

The parades have been plentiful, when the rains have allowed. Fairgrounds have the carnivals and bandstands and the crowds are catching beads. I have neglected the whole celebration. Fairgrounds are just NOT my thing. I certainly don't want to climb aboard a carnival ride. I gave that up years ago when I started really paying attention to the carney. He stands by the entrance to the ride that he has worked to erect. Tattoos cover his body; he looks as though he might have just finished smoking a joint. Granted, this part of his job must be boring. Hustling little kids onto a ride and making sure they are belted in surely becomes a little mind numbing and what better way to do this job then to numb the mind right before starting the job.

This same person probably tightened or DIDN'T, all the bolts holding this ride together and that's the part of his job that keeps me from climbing aboard and belting myself in. I can imagine, and do, the swing that is swirling me out and above the heads of the partiers, becoming disconnected and with swing attached to my butt, I sail through the air, cutting through a few clouds before I plummet back to earth while looking for the ripcord. Nope, I'll stay away from the carnival rides. This fear must be just another notification that I have reached old age. Is it fear or do our critical thinking skills become honed with age? We analyze more?  My carefree carnival riding days are another thing I have shelved since my childhood.

The husband made it home last night and with him, came his laundry. He made several trips to his truck to bring in his clothes and the clothes that concerned him the most was his work stuff. He requested they go directly to the washing machine which tells me he does not expect to be in town long. If he needs them washed the same day he gets home, he expects the next job may be the next day.

We will wait on the next call but meanwhile, today we plan to drive to the small town of Rayne, Louisiana. I have the batteries charged up for my camera. I'm not sure the authorities will allow us in. I've heard the evacuation of that town is due to all the broken gas lines from the tornado that hit this past weekend.

Rain is forecast and it looks like a lot of it is coming our way. At least the temps will be in the high 70's. 

I'm outta here to get dressed and road ready. I'm in the mood for a Banana Foster that is so popular during Mardi Gras. 
Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday! 

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