Monday, March 21, 2011

Yesterday and Today Briefly


I'm tired. Can it really be the little bit of yard work I did today? I'm sitting here barely able to stay awake. My head drops down and I jerk myself back to consciousness. I'm ready to hit the light switches and call it a night. I did....
0300 and I'm awake again. I have a list of errands to get done today and being up at this time is not going to make it a pleasant day. I'll kill the lights in a few minutes and try to get back to sleep. Since I'm awake, why waste this time? Pat, my friend, had a picture she needed fixed. I scanned it and took it to Photo Shop for the repairs and then I printed a few copies of it for her. That done, I'm back to bed for a while.

Last night April arrived back home and Carrie decided she needed to see her mom. I packed her up and hauled her back to her house. I was too tired to argue and when Carrie wants to go home, it insults no one. 

I made the trip to Lydia earlier and picked her up and she and Randy, the stuffed dog that is truly life size, made the trip with me. Randy apparentlly loves the wind so Carrie hung his head out of the roadster as we zipped down the highway. Her head doesn't clear the top of the door in the roadster so it looked to others driving  along beside us  as though Randy was sitting in the passenger seat alone and hanging his head over the door. The wind at 65 miles an hour was whipping Randy's head around. He bobbed and twisted around, dipped and hovered while Carrie clung to his legs.  I kept an eye on ole Randy as  I didn't want him bouncing off the pavement which would surely have stressed Carrie.

Carrie wanted to eat at the Hong Kong Buffet and she didn't want to go home before going to eat. I agreed to take her and called her brother and sister to meet us there. After the meal, Elise and Carrie left in the roadster while I drove the Corolla with Ted. Both grandchildren covet that little red car. I let them drive it a little though it makes me nervous as soon as they are out of site. Elise is much like me. She likes sporty and fast. Ted is more like his mother. His vehicle is to get him there and back. Both took turns driving the roadster and when it was once again parked on the patio and I had the keys back, I breathed easier.

A bath is the first thing that happens to Carrie when she gets back to my house. Today she chose a shower and refused my help with shampooing her hair. I slipped in and out of the bathroom to apply shampoo and then later to get some conditioner into her hair. It seemed hours before she appeared in the living room, dressed and coiffed. 

She had stopped by the makeup department and it was apparent. Mascara layered her lashes, her cheeks had black lines staccato like on her  cheeks. I'm attributing this to the wand part of the mascara brush that was laid against her cheeks while trying to brush her lashes with jet black. Her lips were ruby red. Her hair she had combed and tied up into dog ears. A bright yellow clip on bow and a bright hot pink clip on bow was placed above each dog eared hair. She was a vision of loveliness, red lipsticked teeth and all. Carrie's views on makeup are "more is better". I've seen other females 5 times her age that apparently have the same credo with makeup. I'm hoping Carrie outgrows it by the time she gets their age.

A cloud of perfumed air followed her into the room where I was talking with Pat and Sarah. Each one dumped a heap of praise on her and she beamed. That little girl loves her girly stuff and I let her enjoy herself. She pranced around the room, swishing from person to person so they could get a good look at her handiwork. I wanted to tell her she could stand on the street and they would still be able to see the makeup on her face.

I started this blog  yesterday and I'm still typing on it. It's Monday and I've been on errands most of the day. I even called the fellow that has my sofa cushions and he says he has the foam now and will have the cushions ready for me soon. At this rate,I'm a little hesitant to let him have this sofa to recover. It might be years before I see it again. I'll play it by ear and make that decision when I have to.

It's time to move some clothes from the washer to the dryer. The granddaughter is here and doing her laundry. She recently moved into an apartment and we have been scrounging silverware, sheets and furniture. A washer and dryer is not in the budget right now so I've volunteered the use of mine today.

It's almost time to move this laundry and the granddaughter back to her apartment. I have a few more things to get done today but most of it is online stuff.
...........and that's my day..both yesterday and today.


  1. 5 times her age is still ... a little girl.

  2. lol Buffalo...5 times her age would be 25..and you that would be a little girl!


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