Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm on a mission. Yeah..another one. I made a visit to the upholstery guy. We talked about the board like cushions I have. Apparently people with back problems like these cushions. I don't have back problems. I visited furniture stores and sat on soft cushions today. At one point, I sat on a sofa while on my cell phone and forgot where I was. I was comfy and had I had my laptop and and wireless connection, I might have offered the store owner a rental agreement and just never returned home to my sofa.

I have a plan. A Plan B we shall call it.  In the event that the Michelin On Cushions fail to achieve the results I'm looking for I'll move on to Plan B.

Mr. Romero, seller of stiff foam, offered to take the foam to the supplier and have him slice them down from 6 inches to 3 inch thickness..then glue a softer foam to the then thinned down cushion to return it to it's former 6 inch thickness. Are you following me on this?

Of course there is the little problem of price. I will have to have him check to see what the price will be. It should be cheaper as I'm only looking now at buying 3 inch thickness of foam and at a lower density. Apparently density is expensive in foam language. I could do with a little less density right now. Density is causing me much discomfort.

Mr. Romero assures me they will soften up with use. I told him I was not a teenager. I don't think I have that many years of living left to wait for these cushions to get soft.

I drowned my woes at the coffee house after leaving Mr. Romero. I  wasted away a few hours with my laptop amongst the college students that were plugged in and studying at that coffee house. I emailed, I surfed and had free samples of cupcakes from someone who was opening a cupcake business here in town. The coffee was delish and so was the decadent cake.

With a glass of wine at my elbow, I sit here typing this while listening to the blender grinding up a good Margarita. I may have to finish this glass of wine and switch to a frozen tequila drink!
Enjoy the evening. I plan on doing just that.


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