Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Crawfish Time!

Carrie and I went shopping. We entered the dress shop where Carrie rushed off to find a dress for me. I don't know why she thought I was in need of a dress. Soon after selecting something for me, she wanted to find one for her. She approached the sales lady and asked where the dresses were that would fit her. Much to her dismay, she was told they didn't carry dresses for little girls. To this she answered "I'm grown."

The saleslady looked at her and then at me. I decided I would stay out of this argument so I turned and quietly walked away leaving the sales lady to explain to Ms. Carrie why they didnt' carry her size.

Soon enough, she found me and announced that we would have to leave this store and go to another where they might have the dress she wanted. We exited that store and walked down to the J.C.Pennys' store. She found dresses with full skirts and covered in sparklies. She was in Cinderalla heaven. I had to explain that these expensive dresses were party dresses and she didn't have a party to go to. She informed me that she could wear the sequined bejewled gown  around the house.

We left the store with some summer blouses and shorts and no dress. I was thinking more along the lines of a sun dress. She wasn't. Maybe next time I told her.

We headed for the roadster. She positioned herself against her purple pillow and drifted off to sleep on the ride home. The purple pillow was added to the car after noticing on the last outings how tired and sleepy and uncomfortable she looked while laying up against the car door trying to sleep.

The afternoon was back at my house. She didn't want to go home so she stayed with me and strung her toys out all over the house.

1800 hrs approach and April calls. She and Ted are heading out for crawfish. Carrie and I loaded up and were gone. We met them at the restaurant. I had shrimp while both Ted and April ordered three pounds of crawfish each which they would share with Carrie. I watched as they peeled them for Carrie and flipped them over to her platter where she grabbed one, dipped it in house sauce, put it to her lips and sucked it into her mouth. She was enjoying her crawfish. As soon as one was munched, crunched and swallowed, she was repeating the whole thing again. Quietly she sat and ate crawfish tails. 

There is a  sink  that sits counter height against the wall where the patrons go to wash their hands and use the paper towels that sits on the counter. Carrie could barely reach the faucets to wash her hands. 

Ted had a reunion with a couple of his 6th grade teachers. He saw them enter and left the table to greet them by the door. Hugs and kisses were bestowed on him by his former teachers who hadn't seen him for the past 5 yrs. He was a small boy who had now grown to over 6ft. They were amazed and very affectionate with him.
Below are some pictures taken tonight. Carrie stayed home at the end of the evening. Ted decided to come spend the night with me. I thought I would have a quiet night alone with my glass of wine. I'm sharing the house with Ted and that's alright too. I enjoy him being around.

top of the bucket that is in the center of the table where the crawfish shells are thrown. the staff comes by and pulls out the bucket to dump later.


Ted and Ms. Bizzio; his 5th grade science teacher.

Carrie wanted her picture with her big brother

Ted and two teachers from elementary school

Carrie using the camera for self portraits

Another self portrait by Carrie

Carrie lovin her brother

A glass of wine and I'm settled in for the evening!

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