Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easy Peasy

Carrie spent the night which determined how I would spend the following day. I was sure it would be a day filled with "Carrie type stuff" and it was.

I was up early and to the kitchen for a quick brewed cup of coffee. I thought I wouldn't have much time before she found me but I was mistaken. She slept to 0900 hrs. Her mother made a trip here to give me a lesson in scrambling an egg. Apparently mine can't compare with Mom's and Carrie turns her little nose up at my scrambled eggs. April's scrambled eggs were scarfed down. I headed for the shower while April was here to entertain Carrie then she escaped back to her house. April will fully enjoy her child abandoment.  Movies and naps all day. I envy her.

Before we hit the road today, I put together a roux to simmer while we ran the roads. It's 80 degrees of sunshine  and we headed out in the roadster. We didn't stay gone long. Carrie was more interested in playing her Nintendo DS and there was too much light in  the car to see her screen. We went to a seafood restaurant for shrmp then headed home.

I came so close to a nap. It didn't happen. I put on a movie instead. Horton Hears a Who was chosen and we settled back to watch a big adorable blundering animated elephant. I enjoy these movies, something that never occured to me that I would. The colors in them are stunning. As the movie rolled along, suddenly Carrie moved from the bottom of the bed to the pillow area and sneaked over to cuddle beside me. This was the part of the movie she said was scary. Into the darkness the scenery became gloomy and gray. A large black  bird with a long beak full of sharp teeth hovered largely over the screen. I listened as he answered a question put to him by another character in the movie. He said "Easy peasy". I don't know why this struck me as odd. I just didn't expect the monster bird to say "easy peasy". 

 Carrie was frightened but since she had seen this movie a few times already, she knew when to hide away. I'm in awe of animators. Carrie becomes totally engrossed in the movie and I'm techincally involved. I'm thinking of all that went into making this movie; all the people involved in a movie where actors were not used. How much was computer generated? Are there still cartoonists that draw frame by frame?

From the bedroom and the movie, we moved to the back yard to swing some rackets at some tennis balls, play hopscotch and make icees to drink. Carrie knows how to keep me entertained. The time was arriving when she would be going home for the evening. I am looking forward to the time when I don't have to get up to get yet something else Carrie wants.

The gumbo was put into containers and picked up by the granddaughter and along with the gumbo, Carrie was whisked away to her house. All is quiet. I'm picking up the trail left by Carrie and sipping on a glass of Risling. The husband should be in around 0400 tomorrow morning. I don't know how long he will be home as another job is due soon. 

I'm going to start up the dishwasher and chill out for a while. I'm tired and sleepy. Maybe I'll take a glass of wine and try to find a good movie to drift off with.
I'm done!


  1. Uh, I'm up for adoption as a grandchild. I don't have a problem with my grandparents being younger than I. I'll even entertain myself while they nap anytime they wish. I could eat some gumbo or shrimp.

  2. I'll need to know what kind of car you would you like your eggs cooked..and we always have plenty of gumbo!

  3. A car is transportation. As long as I can get in and out with relative ease and my head doesn't bang the roof I don't care. I pretty much like my eggs however they come to me and, drum roll, I don't leave the seat up.

    Easy peasy.


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