Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buffed....and Another Mardi Gras ...Princesses and Carrie

Not me but the Toyota. I've spent a little time on the little Toyota today. I found the buffer and laid a coat of paste wax on the hood and buffed it in then buffed again when it dried. It has a shine now. I would have done more but the weather just wasn't cooperating. It's too humid here and nothing dries out. The paste wax wasn't drying so continuing on with waxing it was futile. Maybe tomorrow the weather will be a bit more accomodating.

We still haven't seen anything of the terrible storm that was to sweep through here causing all sorts of devastation. A little wind has caused the trees across the back lawn to sway and a few sprinkles have wet the concrete. I'm hoping the weather doesn't pick up tonight and get wicked.

The daughter and her children went Mardi Gras ing. Carrie is back home and at this home. Blockbuster Video had a going out of business sale when I blundered in there the other day looking for movie rentals. Instead I bought two Wii games for Carrie and right now she and the princess are trying to gather treasures in the special world where Princesses run through the forest waving their magic wands and leaping through the air in bursts of blue light. I love watching the graphics on these games. We  have came a long way since the days of the little round circle that chased elusive objects around a grid gobbling up those objects. Remember Pacman?

Before the start of this post, I enjoyed a glass of white wine with the Spicy Cajun Shrimp over rice and brussel sprouts and garlic bread. Now to clean up the kitchen!

My evening will be spent following the Princess..both Carrie and the one on the Wii game.
I'm done!

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