Saturday, March 5, 2011


Friday afternoon:

Ted got home today and immediately got into his newly licenced and insured truck. Ted's truck is a 1993, as is the date of his birth so both are 17 yrs old.

He was excited. His use of this truck will be limited. He will use it to run errands for his mother instead of using her Jeep. This gives him an opportunity to drive it. 

He zipped by my house to pick up his car charger for his cell phone and informed me that he was on his way to the mall. He was meeting his friend that is a girl; I hesitate to label her a girlfriend. He said "We are just going to hang out; I don't have money so we aren't going to shop." I slipped him a twenty and told him to buy her a coke and off he went. I kept an eye on the clock and tried to not worry about his trip across town.

Before I headed for the bedroom, I rang his cell and he answered quickly. He was back home and suddenly I was very sleepy. It's called "relief" I believe. Worrying is very stressful.

Carrie decided at the last minute that she would rather spend the evening with her sister so I'm soloing tonight. I'm ready to swallow my nightly medication and sail away.  


I spoke with Ted about his freedom flight last night. I gave him 20.00 for a sandwich and a coke or whatever. I asked him if his mom gave him any money and he said "No Nana, I told her you gave me 20.00 and I didn't need any." and to this I nodded and smiled and thought, 'this is typical Ted'. Most kids would have taken the money offered and never revealed they had already been given some money by their Nana. That's what is so great about Ted. He is not a conniving sort. It never occurs to him to be sly, grasping, or greedy and that just adds to why I think he is so special.

Ted is most of the time easy to get along with. Oh..he will argue at times but easily caves in to bolder louder talk. His whine is short.

Today was a day that was swallowed up by the weather. Storms swept through leaving inches of water and lots of wind. Tornado warnings were in effect and rightly so. Just 15 miles away, Rayne, Louisiana made national news. An EF2 tornado struck leaving one dead and much destruction. Houses were flattened, and people were injured. We were lucky here in Lafayette.

The lightening flashed and the skies grumbled and the rain fell in wind driven sheets. I sat in my living room or stood on the carport watching the dark clouds pass overhead delivering themselves of all the water they held.  I could almost see the grass turning greener. I'll be mowing early next week and then it's on. Another summer of lawn work, heat and humidity.

Right now the temperatures are plummeting and the mid 70's are now down to the 40's. A chill is in the air and again I'm looking for something with sleeves. 

It's only 2000hrs and I'm ready to climb beneath the sheets and watch TV until I pass out. What else to do on  rainy cold night?  I don't even want to know if Ted is out on such a dark night with rain soaked highways and on roads with no shoulders but sudden drop offs that should you veer off the road, you will be pulled off and into a coolie...nope, I don't want to think about it. If I continue it will be a sleepless night for me. I'll try to worry about something I can do something about instead of  worrying about a young man that is growing up.


  1. LUCKY Nanna !!!!!!!!!!!! I must have a long talk with Ted.

  2. Llucky because of the nice grandson? or lucky that the tornado missed me or??????? is fine without your guidance John!


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