Friday, March 4, 2011



Wow..First of is the anniversary of my knee replacement and even more exciting then that, today is the anniversary of my last cigarette. It has now been two years! Who woulda thought? My arm is sore from reaching back to pat myself on the back. Every day is a quit day, I tell myself. It has gotten a lot easier for those of you that still smoke. I seldom think about a smoke unless I see a pack of cigarettes laying around and even then, I don't crave.

And on a different note:

And away we went. Ted spent the night so I had the honor of delivering him to the school building today. As he settled into the passenger side of the car, he muttered something about staying home. Apparently he had thought this through and he had a plan. The plan was that he would stay at my house all day and around the time for him to return home from his school day he would walk to his house. I sat and listened and the whole time I'm listening to his plan, I'm wondering if he realizes I'm his grandmother and not one of his buddies.
I turned to him and said "Don't you think that is lying?" and to this he replied "No, Nana, we just won't tell her about me staying home. She won't know and we won't lie."  I explained a "lie of omission" but I don't think he got it. I told him both of us would be grounded and he may not be afraid of his mother, but I am.

I dropped him at the front of the school and watched as he walked through the front doors. One more year after this one and he will be finished with this little section of his life. Next year Carrie will start her first year of school and time will slip away as fast as it has with Ted.

When you're crawling out of bed in the middle of the night to warm a bottle, the 18yrs stretching into the future looks so very far away. When a temperature has spiked and the child is crying and all you want to do is sleep, those 18yrs stretch into the distance.
Carrie is now 5yrs old and well on her way to her freedom. Once they achieve locomotion, their dependency decreases incrementally until one day the car keys are in their hands and a friend is by their side and they are gone.

Ted is again spending the night. I'll drop him off at the school tomorrow and bring myself back to this house for drudge work. I'm spending the day scrubbing what needs scrubbed and generally catching up on house stuff.
Right now, I'm shutting down for a while and recharging.
Friday: And again with the begging from Ted to not go to school and being the good responsible adult, he had to go. We glided out of the carport with the top down on the roadster and knowing rain was forecast, we figured we could beat the rain and get to the school and back. It didn't quite work that way. 

Ted and I looked like a pit crew at a racetrack . As the rain started, I whipped the car to the side of the road, hit the button to pop open the trunk, while we both leaped from the car and pulled the top up and over and locked it into place and not missing a second, we were back inside and rolling up the window while we laughed loudly about the sprinkle to our clothes. 

By the time we got to the school, the smile was once again gone. I kept quiet while he grumbled. Sometimes silence is the only thing that is appropriate.
All the sermons about 'being responsbile', "school is your job" and a lot of other things that I could have said were left unsaid. It's Friday and who isn't tired of the job and the school by Friday?

I'm off to do some housework. My sofa cushions are not ready..and may not be ready till next week..and the rig is tilting. 

The rig derrick is leaning which is a much worse thing to happen then my sofa cushions not being ready. Hubby called and said he was shut down for a while. A crew is being bought to location to level the rig and this may take a whole day to do. He sits and waits. 

He does have internet access and with a booster on his cell phone, he is now able to make phone calls. That's the update from him for now. It has been three days since the last contact with him. It's expected when he is on a location that is desolate.

I'm thankful that I didn't make this trip. Housework awaits and I'm gone!


  1. It's been years since I quit smoking. For the longest time I could be hit by a craving out of nowhere and I would desperately want a cigarette for a minute or so. Now I'm at the stage where the smell of smoke chokes me and I wonder how smokers don't realize how bad they stink.

  2. Oh Grant....the same thing here! I can smell it if someone is waaaaaaaay down at the corner of the building around to the side and out of view. I'm just glad it's NOT me now. I don't harrass smokers. I realize it's an addiction so and I was one and hated it when others thought they had the right to insult me so I would never do or say anything to anyone. AFter the first 8 months, I was pretty much done with the cravings and those were not often. I'm so glad I'm "done".


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