Sunday, March 20, 2011

All The Little Chicks are Home

It must have been close to midnight when my cell phone jarred me awake. With eyes closed and in the dark bedroom my hand moves to the bedside table to find the noise that is just annoying right now. My hand recognized the beside laptop and didn't slow down as it registered in my brain what it was touching. A little farther from the laptop, my hand found that cell phone. Lifting it to my head and in the general area of my ear, I could feel the tug of the electrical cord that was still plugged into it and charging.

The daughter was leaving a text message to tell me she was on the way to the last target of the night there in New Orleans and then would be headed to her room. I needed only one eye to read this and I was anxious to close that same eye to match the other one and go back to sleep.

Within a half hour, that same cell phone rings again and this time, my hand knew exactly where to find the phone. This time it was the granddaughter telling me she was at home and I was not to worry about her. I mumbled something and this time I didn't bother to put the phone back on the table. I figured Ted would be calling soon and I wasn't wrong.

Everyone has checked in to let me know they were safely at home. They worried that I would be worrying. I would have, had I been awake. I'll keep that a secret from them.

I know it's too early to complain about the heat and I have no complaints yet. We have plenty of sunshine and growing grass so I know the heat can't be far behind. I mowed the grass in the front of the house, used the weed eater and did some trimming and then watered the grass so it would be sure to grow faster then I wanted to mow. It starts again. The cycle of heat, me bitchin, mowing the grass, heat, me bitchin...and on and on and ......

At the corner of the carport beside the brick post grows a rose bush, one of three around this house. This morning I noticed that bush had huge mauve roses in full bloom. The day lillies around the front walk have multiplied and are crowding the bed and dwarfing the dianhtus. The snap dragons by the mailbox in their kidney shaped bed are waving pink, white and yellow floral heads, beautiful in the spring but intolerant of heat, they will soon disappear until fall. Snap dragons are one of my favorite flowers, finicky as they are, preferring the cool months of the year, I have that in common with them.

Within an hour I will be headed to Lydia to collect Carrie. She spent the weekend with her dad. I'm ready for her to come home. I've missed her. She phoned to say hello and I smiled as I listened to her giggling as her father tickled her while she was trying to talk on the phone. She is going to lunch with him right now and I'm signing off to get ready to go pick her up. It's a nice day to go cruisin in the roadster.

It will be even nicer when Carrie is crusin with me!

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