Monday, February 28, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?

I keep things forever or as long as they last. I'm not one to trade something in for a newer model just because a newer model is available. I'm frugal. If it operates as intended, I see no reason to change.

My first cell phone was a huge monster that filled my hand and weighted almost a pound. Eventually the time came when it had to be replaced. I leaped into the "now" with a Razor by Motorola. That phone was accidentally put in  the washing machine and when I pulled the clothes out of the washer and heard metal clink against metal, I knew immediately what I was hearing. I buried it in rice for days, a remedy recommended to dry it out. The rice didn't work.  Off to the ATT store for a replacement with another Razor V3 model this time. My third cell phone. This one found death in the wheels of my wheelchair two years ago. I thought my planning was excellent. If I had to be in a wheelchair for six weeks post op, I would wear a lab jacket with huge pockets  to carry my phone and other necessities, thereby, leaving my hands free to manage the wheels on the chair. The first few minutes in that chair and the lab jacket became entangled in the wheels and crunched the cell phone.

Time for a new phone and this  begins my having to learn a new phone. Maybe this is the real  reason I don't want to do upgrades to a newer and more complex phone. It's having to start over and learn all the operations of that new phone.
A few trials on a new phone and I ended up with a Samsung with a touch screen. This one I carried for almost a year until it absorbed moisture from wearing it too close to my body. Sweat did this one in. I replaced it with the same kind found  on EBay because I liked the Qwerty keyboard on the Samsung. 

In the past few days, the touch screen on this phone started misbehaving. Today I finally gave up on this one and packed it away while unpacking the spare cell phone kept in a drawer here.

Once again, I have to learn the operation of a new phone. Removing my SIM card from my old phone, I eventually figured out where it went on the new phone. The battery has to be removed to get to the opening for the SIM card. I slipped the card in and slid the back of the phone into place and hit the "on" button. After about 20 minutes of trying to get the SIM card installed correctly, I packed the whole thing up and went in search of a teenager. I took the phone to Ted and within minutes he had everything up and running. Another minute and he had the time and date corrected on it and I was on my way home.
Back in business, this phone is plain. No Qwerty keyboard that slides down so texting will  not be in my future. 
I'm trying to manage with these phones until it's time for my upgrade. Today I'll check to see when that is due. I want out of cell phone "hell".

One more cup of coffee and I'm out of here for a while. I'm done.


  1. That sounds like me resisting the newer phones my first cell phone was larger than my house phone then a couple Samsung's that didn't last long then onto the Motorola Razor which I love, I am now on my 3rd Razor and have another one in waiting in case they quit making them.

  2. I went on Ebay today..and ordered a Razr phone. I'm done!

  3. I just have to stick with the simplest of mobile phones. I just need to text and make calls. I don't need all this stuff that links you to the internet...why would I? I have enough trouble coping with my laptop! My phones last for years and I keep replacing them with the same or similar simple Nokia...OK often the sales assistants snigger when I ask for this model. My current phone has had a few accidents. It's battered and bruised and has had some of its parts replaced...but it's still going strong and I won't give it up until it dies completely!


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