Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Again, Japan Flooded

Eyes wide, I watched the TV. It was 0200 and I slipped out of bed to finish my night on the sofa. Sometimes I wake up and if I can't get back to sleep mode, I take up residence on the sofa and watch someone selling knives or exercise equipment until the boredom of it all puts me back into unconsciousness.

This morning, I switched on the tube and CNN was broadcasting pictures of the giant wave taking out the north eastern section of Japan. The wave of 30 ft, which they kept describing as 8 meters, viewed from an aerial position seemed to be in slow motion. It was the distance that presented this illusion of a creeping wave. In reality, at ground level it was speeding inland pushing buildings and cars along with it. The debris in the wave kept building.

Grabbing my blanket and pillow, I settled in to watch. Eventually I lost the battle to stay awake. I wasn't searching for sleep; this was too devastating to not capture attention.

Along with falling houses and floating cars, the Nikkei took a dive. Again as in the Middle East, the waves from this will ripple around the world though it might not be water that is impacting. 

I'm again glued to the tube, coffee in hand waiting for the Tsunami to hit Hawaii. Within 30 minutes Hawaii should be feeling the effects with the USA west coast getting their wave around 0800.

To be continued later this morning. I'm watching the tube for now.

Here it is 1600 hrs and I'm taking a much needed break. I called Lesie and told her that if she wanted that car she must get it done today! I'm heading for San Antonio tomorrow and I have no idea how long I will be gone. The plan is to follow hubby in the roadster. I'll sight see around San Antonio while the husband works. Sounds like a good plan to me. He works; I play.

I drove to Lesie's new apartment and looked it over. She has only been in it two days and it looks it. A few more pieces of furniture and she will be fine. We headed for the notary to have the title notarized and the form filled that designates it as a "gift". A few dollars dropped there and off we went.  From there to the insurance office and 600.00 lighter, we are on our way to the DMV. I didn't mind waiting to be called to the window. I never get this much time to spend with Lesie.

After a few glitches that needed attended to, and some more money less then what we arrived with,  we headed home to get a tool to change out the license plates. Of course I stopped and topped off the tank so she would have a full tank of gasoline. It's a long time till payday, especially after renting an apartment and paying deposits and putting food in the pantry.

Not only am I broke, but I'm tired. I still have to finish waxing the Marquis. Finishing it, I moved to the Solstice and dropped the top so I could vacuum it out and clean the interior before my little trip.

Curled up in the passenger seat, I was moving the vacuum wand around on the floor when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. I crawled out and looked up to see my neighbor standing beside the car. The look on her face was enough to tell me something was horribly wrong. With reddened puffy eyes, tears rolled as she sobbed. I just put my arms around her and let her cry for a bit. Soon she was able to tell me her husband was in Natarita; at the airport. He had emailed her at midnight and she didn't get the email until later this morning but not until her family called to exclaim on the horror that was happening in Japan. She seldom watches the news and this was the  first she had heard anything. Her son called asking if she got an email. She rushes to her computer to find an email telling her there was a massive earthquake in progress and he was at the airport. That was the last she heard. Her family started appearing at her house. As they gathered around her the phone rang. He has a global phone from Viet Nam where he works. He was on the phone telling her a tsunami had hit them and they were high in the airport. His phone was discharging and there wasn't anyone that had the same connector he uses on his phone. He has a habit of not remembering to charge his phone and of leaving the charger to it in the office he had left. He was unable to say much more then they were going to try to get them out. The phone went dead and there has been no other contact since then. 

I tried to reassure her that since she knew he was at the airport, he would be safe. She lived in Japan and shared the information that the airport there was built on land that was once the sea. She was worried that the soil would wash out beneath it with all the water battering the land.

We sat and watched more news reports and the news on the second earthquake. She is worried that it's not over yet and she is uncertain as to what maybe coming next. 

Soon she was on her way home to try to get some sleep. I told her to come back immediately if she started feeling scared. She says it's worse when she is alone and her imagination takes over presenting her with more possibilities of what could happen to him.

I'll check on her a little later this afternoon but for right now I'll let her rest.

I'm on my way to fix a hotdog for Carrie. She is spending the afternoon with us since we may not get to hang out together for a while.  Things do to..things to do....
I'm done.


  1. I hope all goes well for your neighbor and family, she ia lucky to have you to help her thru a hard time.

  2. John: I took Carrie home and stopped at her house before going home. She had a very short conversation with him telling her he was getting out and would be home tomorrow. She still looks exhausted. I don't think she will feel totally relaxed until he is actually home.


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