Sunday, March 27, 2011


and back to the sofa saga. The more I think about it, the more I want to run the Marquis over those sofa cushions. The cushion on the left end of this sofa is where I sit. I notice now if I move to the center cushion I can discern the difference in the firmness. The middle cushion that hasn't been used appears harder then the one I've been sitting on. My deduction? I can either spend the next week sitting in the center of this sofa and then move to the right end of it to soften these cushions OR I can throw them under the Marquis and run over them a few times. What could it hurt? I'm going over the pros and cons of this and since I have no idea if there is a pro or a con, I'm left up to making this decision blind. Will they explode? Will the cushion fabric be pulled into? Will there be a tire dent left down the middle of each one? Ok, maybe there is a few cons?
The pros? The only pro I would be in need of is "softer cushions".  I don't want to sit on these stiff cushions for the next 5 yrs. waiting on them to relax a little.

I'm amazed that this foam would be recommended by an upholstery person. This will be a life lesson; an expensive one perhaps. Thankfully, I didn't have the sofa recovered and the cushions stuffed at that time. Not only would I have been out the cost of this foam, but also the fabric and labor. If I decide to pitch this sofa now, I'll chalk the 500.00 up to a lesson in buying foam.

I'm going to go find a bed of nails to rest on. It might be a bit more comfy.


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