Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Study

Finding a way to put this to paper may cause some stumbling around but here goes.

The recent telecasts of Charlie Sheen and all the media attention paid him is a telecast of a man in pain. I find it hard to swallow the heartlessness of the media and the public watching this man implode. The jokes are rolling around and Mr. Sheen's antics are looked at as entertainment. This man is obviously very ill. A myocardail infarction would not be observed and videoed with humor. A child's pain bought and sold for the public's enjoyment would be in poor taste.

Recently another painful case has come to light and this one will never garner the attention that the famous Mr. Sheen has endured.

She rails and rants. She uses a popular social medium to post her rage. When asked about the person she rages against, she skirts an answer as to her anger. Her campaign is aimed at alienating everyone that is acquainted with the object of her rage.

I watch this persons' pain manifest itself and become an obessive driving force in her life. Her days are consumed with one goal. To destroy. The object of her anger ignores her rants in the hopes that a lack of response will not fan the flames.
For months I have observed the behavior of these two. One rants while the other avoids. The object of all this anger ignores the accusations and makes no reponse. Does this anger the prosecutor more? 

Eventually a person accuses her of being negative. After months of listening to the rants, her friends are beginning to notice that something isn't quite right and are confronting her with the behavior that they are tiring of.

Friends begin to shy away. These actions do nothing to dissuade or curtail her behavior.

I continue to watch and observe. As a psych nurse, I've had a lot of experience observing behavioral anomalies. I watch as friends fall away from her. As the behavior escalates those around  begin to distance themselves. She is unable to stop. A rollercoaster out of control, her life lurches forward gathering speed until she self destructs.  

Professionally, I don't think this is organically instigated. As with Mr. Sheen, I think this person might need some intervention either psychiatric or medicinal. A pill won't cure the problem but it might even out the ride.
 Both exhibit obsessive behavior usually associated with bipolar disorder. I'm not  a physician and diagnosing is beyond my scope of practice.

I continue to observe.


  1. People always rubber neck when they go past an accident.

    Talking heads enjoy pontificating to demonstrate their righteousness and moral superiority.

    Comedy is based in pain and audiences can't get enough of pain - when it is some one else's pain.

    We are homo sapiens, the superior species.

  2. After all the ugliness has been spent, after all the insults have been slung, discussed and digested, the only thing left in the arena is debris that has to be dealt with. The debris leaves a foul odor for a long long time. One need always be aware of this.


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