Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smothered with News

The biggest news of the day? Today is the daughter's birthday. Happy Birthday April Dawn. Right now you should be stumbling around in the French Quarter after drinking one too many and laughing with your friends all day.  At least, I hope this is how your day and evening is going. Should you do something really silly and embarrassing, don't worry about it. No one will notice as long as you do it in the 'Quarters. There will always be someone just a few steps away doing something more outrageous. Gathering 15 minutes of fame in the 'Quarters will be frought with competition from the many partiers that have drunk more then you, shed more clothes then you and started much to early to make it till midnight. Enjoy your birthday, be silly, be a fool and be safe!

Omg...I turned my back for just a few hours and what happens? Tomahawk missiles lobbed into Libya? I thought we had some sort of agreement with ole honor the no fly zone and the next thing I know, we are in attack mode!

I wanted to change the rear brakes on the Toyota and I wanted to get an early start. When that proved impossible, I did the next chore. I defrosted the freezer and pitched all the food that didnt' look too appealing any longer. I rearranged and reorganized both the freezer and the refrigerator freezer. I didn't have the television on during this time.

I spent a few hours out of the house. Eventually I made my way back into the house and during a phone conversation with the husband, he asked what I thought about our involvement in Libya. Huh? I quickly flipped on the television and I'm just this moment catching up on the news of the day.

Man, ya can't turn away for a minute can ya? My head is whirling with the tsunami in Japan, the radiation from the reactors, again in Japan and now this dust up in Libya. It's almost scary climbing into bed and sleeping for a few hours. 

And the moon. Did you walk outside and take a peek? It is right now hanging over the eaves of my house. I stood outside and gazed at it for a while. I am going to make a few blocks on the Trek. It's been a while since the bike and I have been together and it's time to get reacquainted. I rode up to Pat's house and back but that's not really a "ride".

It's time to take a little spin. Hold down the world for me until I get back?

So much happening so quick lately. I can't keep up. Please, no more disasters for a while. Let's have some boring news. Boring news usually means no one is being hurt anywhere. I could do with some of that!
I'm done.

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