Friday, April 1, 2011

Progress, Sweet Progress!

What once filled a room was soon condensed down to a tower that fit onto a desk. Soon the laptop made it's appearance. I wasn't impressed. I preferred the big screen of a desktop. Hauling a desktop around to have net access weaned me quickly to using a laptop. I seldom go into the office here where the desktop sits in an armoire that was purchased specially for it.

My laptop travels wherever I go. As I reached over to the table top and hefted it up to bring it to my lap, I frowned at the weight of it. This big Toshiba has no touch screen. It has a monitor that flips up for viewing when it is opened. I've been happy with this computer but it is now a dinosaur.

I Pads. Those clever little light weight computers that are now all the rage in "gotta have it" techie and trendy is something I have my eye on. I can't yet tolerate an iPhone for web use, though the grandchildren use them exclusively. I can' go that small. I'm not a fan of texting either. I want to be able to use my phone verbally.
Digital has permeated every part of our lives, from appliances to cars, planes and trains. Have you noticed the longevity of our products today?

I replaced the wonderful harvest gold stove in this house with a black one along with the dishwasher and a new fridge. It hasn't been that long that these appliances have been here. The digital touch pad on that stove has quit functioning. As long as you don't want to bake anything at a higher temperature then 350, you're in business.

I'll look for someone that repairs these appliances and get an estimate on fixing it. I don't deal well with things that don't function as expected. It has to be fixed or it has to be replaced.

The sofa cushions remain a problem (see prev. blogs) and now I'm considering other options of curing the problem. I have a busy day ahead of me and most of it entails phone calls or web surfing. TFTW..or "thankful for the web"...
I'm least on here anyway.

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