Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Weekend

Saturday Morning:

Friday was not a great knee day! The muscles in that leg ached all day long and the limp was noticeable. I had to do some shopping yesterday and I was hoping the extra walking would help relieve some of the muscle pain but by the time bedtime rolled around I was more then ready to crash in bed and get off that leg. I don't think it ever got any better all day long.

Today I'm going to sit on the floor and put weights on it again which usually means pain in the muscles the next day. I would rather have the pain then the limp.

Maybe I'll go to the mall and walk it for exercise. At least it will be air conditioned and comfortable plus dodging the shoppers will be an added bonus.

...and in the news more on Michael Jackson. As I expected, the stories are flowing now that he is gone and all those that depended on him for a job are no longer obligated to keep silent to keep their jobs.
The worst part of this is what did those children see and what kind of life could they have had with this drugged up addict that flew all over the world to seek drugs. I keep thinking about Debbie the Womb that said "he needed to be a father and he would make a good father". The excuses they are now using for his addiction was the time when his hair caught fire? Oh wait...I've seen people with 3rd degree burns over 30 percent of their body that didn't have a drug problem when it was over! I do hope there is not a shrine to MJ. I don't think this is the person we need to be building shrines for. Before his death, his career was dead and had been for the past 10 years. I don't even remember his London concert dates being advertised here in the States. I'll save my worship for someone more deserving.

It's pouring down the rain. Sheets of water being blown sideways; the streets are full, the yards are soggy but I'm not complaining. We get a good 10 minute shower and then it's over. We need it. For one thing, it gets about 20 degrees cooler and that's just wonderful!
This is my daily post. I should have just kept it in "draft". It's not much of a report of anything except a lazy Saturday in S.W. Louisiana.

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