Thursday, July 23, 2009

Proofing and Today

First of all, yesterday went well. The boys went to the water park as planned and Carrie and I went to Ms.K's condo for a day at the pool. Carrie did make many trips to the beach. Ms. K's daughter would take her along with her own two girls and they walked the private path to this part of the beach used by people staying at the condo. They would spend an hour or two in the waves and ocean water, then return to the pool for an hour or two then repeat this over and over during the day so about 1/2 the time was spend at the pool and the other half at the ocean. Carrie loved it. After a long day it was still difficult to coax her out of the pool.
We did get out finally and went to a grocery store to pick up more drinks for the cooler and a few food items especially her "banana sausages" of which she ate a can of them before getting back to the room.
We stopped at the water park and picked up the guys and finally back to the room where we could wash the sand off Carrie and hang all the beach towels and swimsuits up to dry.
That was a waste of time. Before an hour had passed everyone was back in their suits and off to the pool, sauna and/or steam room again. Don't these kids EVER get tired? I took this opportunity to get a nice hot shower and my pj's on.
When Carrie got back and I dressed her again in pj's, I had to spend the next 30 minutes combing the tangles out of her long hair. Today we will buy more hair ties and braid it. Spending 30 minutes trying to comb those tangles out is not something Carrie wants to go through again and it's certainly not high on my list of things I like to do.

I'm sitting here in the lobby again while everyone sleeps in. I'm not going to wake anyone up this morning. They can sleep in as long as they like. Today will be an all day beach day with a cooler of sandwiches and drinks. Tomorrow we will pack up and head home.

Usually at the end of my thrilling blogs I try to proof read which I think is the most difficult thing to do for the writer. I think we see what we think we typed; what we wanted to type. I just reread yesterday's blog and there it was. "espired" instead of "expired". Shaking my head, I corrected it and then proofed this bit of typing. Tomorrow I will see it differently so I'll have to reread and correct at that time.

Right now it's time for me to sit here and drink lots more coffee and watch CNN.


  1. 1) Don't know about now days, but they used to sell a spray "detangler" that made tangled hair very easy to comb.

    2) Do you compose in blogger or on a windows document?

    3) What the deuce is a "banana sausage?"

  2. hey ,.this blog i corrected..only see where spend should be spent.....but what the hell do i know....i dont even cross my t'ssss and dot my i's and evidentally buffalo must have missed a previous blog of the banana sausages ..alias vienna sausages...the baby loves them too..guess cause they almost melt in your mouth ..little chewing...what the hell,,i like them to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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