Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Air Fright

If I was notified today that I had won a million dollars and I was expected to catch a flight to Zurich to pick up the money, I would have to pass. Me? Get on a plane? A plane that might blow a hole in the roof as a car might blow a tire? A plane that might land in the Atlantic instead of wheels down at the airport in Zurich?
Watching the news this morning, another plane down in Iran? Is that where it was? I'll have to tune in again and verify that. Meanwhile that Air France flight and the other airbus flight that went down shortly after the Air France flight is my notification that I am NOT getting on a plane to go anywhere. Keep your million dollars. I don't want it unless of course you can direct deposit. I'm frightened. Who is checking these planes? Do you graduate from a employee flipping burgers at McDonalds to an aeronautics engineer?
I envision myself in that plane that developed that football size hole in the roof. I would have been waiting to be that person that you always hear about that gets sucked out of the plane after more of the top went missing. I get nervous just sitting here thinking about it. I can almost hear my hysterical screams right now.
What has happened to all the safety checks? Cutbacks? Please, you can cut back on help building cars but please, not on anything to do with a giant piece of metal hurtling through the air at 35,000 ft with 300 passengers cringing in their seats. Maybe 299 of those passengers wouldn't be cringing. I would be #300 that would.

I don't anticipate the need to catch a flight anywhere but should that happen, they will just have to wait till my 4 wheeled ground laden vehicle arrives.

Before all these latest crashes, I was a white knuckle flyer. I took deep breaths, kept my eyes closed and when not closed tried to keep my imagination in check. Little movies always running in my head during the flight with scenes of devastation; a disaster movie enhanced by all those Airport movies I watched years ago.
I'm thinking that it's more dangerous now for a terrorist to board a plane and try to hit a target here before it falls short and lands in the ocean. I'm more frightened of the flight then the terrorist.


  1. Yeah, you better not fly. I'm a really jumpy person, when I get on a plane though, I just let it all go, I figure fate will do what it will do without me fretting it into action.
    And hey! So far so good!

  2. well..thanks for your thoughts on this...and you are always saying...I DONT KNOW WHY YOU DONT GET ON A PLANE AND FLY DOWN,,,,WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THATS YYYYYY


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