Thursday, July 23, 2009

Carrie's Swim

Off to the pool at the condo this morning. I thought the boys would spend today at the beach but both of them ended up staying at the pool all day.

We all were in the water most of the day and Carrie never left the pool. She would bob up and down in her float suit when she didn't have anyone to play with and watch the other swimmers.

The last hour of the day we met these ladies at the pool. A mother and her two daughters. The mother noticed my knee and wanted to know if I had a TKA. She wanted to know about it. I told her what to expect. A lot of hard work for a long time. She is nervous about having it done. Arthritis is her problem and it is painful for her to walk. The blonde lady is her daughter and she is the swim instructor that worked with Carrie for a short while before we left the pool for the day. I wish we had ran into her earlier in the day.

This woman used to be a lifeguard and she taught youngsters to swim. She met Carrie at the pool and was taken with her immediately. Soon we had Carrie take off her float suit and this woman taught her to swim. She had Carrie diving off the side of the pool, swimming to her, turning around and swimming back to the side of the pool. Progress! The other ladies in this picture are her sister and mother. They were having Carrie swim from one to the other.

More instructions!

She first taught her some swim basics. Then Carrie graduated to jumping in!
TED and TYLER in the hot tub.


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