Monday, July 20, 2009

21 Weeks Post Op TKR

21 weeks! Aren't I healed yet??? No and I can tell that I'm not healed because it still HURTS! Muscle pain and I finally realized that the reason it was so noticeable was because I wasn't taking any Ibuprofen. So now I am. Again I'm grabbing for the bottle and swallowing at least 3 tablets which relieves the pain and allows me to walk without a limp. I'm going to start posting a report on the TKR once a month unless a major breakthrough happens or there becomes something special to report.

Today I have a doctor's appointment and tomorow I will be leaving early in the morning for a few days at the beach. I have a friend that I haven't seen in years and years and she lives about 18 hrs from here. She is going to be in Destin, Florida for the next week and that presents the perfect opportunity to see her. I'll have a 7 hr drive but that driving I'm counting on as being part of the good time. It will be nice to go somewhere; I won't hurry. I'll enjoy every part of this trip, even the driving to get there. I'm taking Carrie and Ted. They are both excited and Carrie every few minutes asks "are we going to the beach now?" She still talks about going to the Alamo and we did that this past January. That seems so long ago instead of only 6 months ago.

It is difficult to explain the time thing to her. I tell her she has to sleep two times before we go. She wants to do it right now. Sleep those two times. No, I tell her. It has to be two nights. She doesn't get it.
I plan on not spending time in the ocean but at the pool with Carrie. She is more easily managed in the pool then in the ocean and I don't like all the crreepy crawly stuff at the beach.
(I must make a note to get beach shoes! Woose that I am!)

I have clothes to pack and a cooler to fill. I'll be busy today and I'll be relaxing for a few days following!

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