Sunday, July 12, 2009

Later, Sunday Afternoon

The higher power that controls electricity granted us a pardon today and the breaker did not flip off so we had hot water all day. Dishes were done in hot soapy water; I just had a nice warm shower with no surprise of a cold drench toward the end of the shower. It's a good day!

Tomorrow we will concentrate on fixing the breaker/switch problem and if that fails I already have a call in to an electrician. Home ownership is a wonderful thing, no?
I always thought that when retirement time marched into our lives (we are not quite there yet) and we had the house paid off and no vehicle payments, we would be in for some smooth sailing. We do not have a mortgage and the vehicles ARE paid off. Flawed logical.
There are taxes, insurance on both house and vehicles and those ever increasing utility bills and upkeep/repairs. Then add cable, internet access and phones and of course one has to make those dreaded trips to the grocery store and I'm wondering just how most families manage month to month. That might explain the use of credit cards that our population believes in.
Today is a day to be grateful for just having hot water and I am.

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  1. Wow, I think you just explained the credit problems specific to middle North America in a sentence or 2.

    I think people are now reared by a nursemaid society to consider it natural to live beyond their means. "Means" no longer being basic "means" though, having cable and wireless internet are now considered the most basic of means, they've become basic necessities.

    A roof over your head and food on your plate are beyond basic now, we take them as a birth-right.

    Thanks for the very interesting read !



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