Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 plus 1 6

Everything was packed and loaded except for the cooler which needed to be filled with the canned drinks for the trip. The plan was to be up and gone by 6AM. When that time arrived and everybody preferred sleeping to starting their vacation trip, I left them in bed while I finished loading everything and then their presence was required in the car. Carrie slept for the first two hours of the trip. All went well till Carrie and Ted started doing their sibling dance then I had to play referee for the next 4 hours. I kept reminding Teddy that she was three. It didn't seem to make any difference. Carrie knows exactly what to do to push Ted's buttons and Ted never knows when to stop and just step back and shut his mouth.
We finally got to Destin and to the beach until check in time at the hotel. Why do people go to the beach? Sand everywhere and in every crack and you read this right. Who wants sand in those places anyway? I dipped my feet into the water and noted all that green stuff floating around in the water. Seaweed? And is that something dead out there? What brushed against my feet? What slippery thing did I just stand on? Get me the hell out of here. Where's the pool? Thankfully I won't be doing the beach after this little visit. Carrie and I will hang out with my friend at the pool where she is staying and Ted and friend can go to the beach. It's much easier to keep track of Carrie in a pool. The waves sweep over her and knock her to her knees and then drag her back with them. I would rather monitor her fun at the pool. She has a special suit that has a material sewn into the front and back to keep her afloat and it works great. She dog paddles all over the pool and has a wonderful time in the water.
We finally got into the room and stripped off our clothes to get the sand out of all the cracks and crevices. Now I have gritty sand all over the bathroom floor and I have to crunch through that everytime I make a trip to the bathroom. I laid towels down on the floor to avoid the grit.
Everyone managed to find something to eat and then we went to the pool for a while. I'm ready to climb into bed for the night. It's nice and cool in here and I don't want to go anywhere tonight!

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