Sunday, July 12, 2009

Solar Sunday

Cloudless, bright and hot Sunday. I stepped outside this morning to have my first cup of coffee; it wasn't long before I crept back inside to sit in a/c heaven. It's early and it's hot.

Today, hot might be beneficial. The hot water tank located in the attic cannot deliver hot water. The breaker needs replaced and until tomorrow when one can be found to fit the fuse box in this house, the only hot water or warm water we will have will be heated passively by the hot attic. A quick shower in tepid water and water heated on the stove to do dishes will be manageable. I thought about filling Carrie's pool and letting solar rays heat it up and using it for bathing.

I don't consider being without hot water a big delima; now if was the a/c? Now you're talking a disaster! I can survive quite well with lukewarm water but not so with uncooled air.

I'm off to have a refreshing cool shower and enjoy the a/c!

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