Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ali G

Do you know who I'm talking about? The first time I watched Ali G I actually squirmed in my chair. I had no idea that the people, the stuffy elite English people, did not know who Ali G was. I myself didn't know who he was either. I sat and watched them answering seriously his off the wall questions and I wondered why these people were sitting there trying to answer the sillest questions he would pose to them. They thought he was a serious journalist. I just thought he was weird but I wasn't told that he was a jounalist as the panel he was interviewing were not told he was a comedian. They were being polite. They knew they were being filmed and they thought this was serious stuff.

I wanted to get up and turn the channel. I was uncomfortable watching. To this day when I hear Ali G's real name, Sacha Baron Cohen, I start grinning and from there I go into an insane little giggle just thinking about some of his antics.

I watched his character Borat and became a fan and this month his new movie hits the screen and I am going to see it as soon as I can.

I can be thankful I will never be one of his targets. I would be mortified as I'm sure his previous targets have been.

What inspired this blog was that the biography channel just did an hour documentary on him.

I often wonder if people know how intelligent comics are. I think that to be quick with a comedic response requires a high IQ. Actors and actresses are given a script. Learn the script, say the lines and with some talent in doing this, success is yours. A comedian usually has jokes written for them but in an interview you can see their genius with their off the cuff answers, the quickness of their responses. The sad thing about them is they sometimes have problems with depression. Odd in that their job is comedy.

Thankfully all the MJ coverage is winding down. They still haven't buried the guy; I'm sure they are trying to work a deal where they can put him so they can charge an admission fee to see his grave and memorabilia. I'm cynical. Joe already did an interview and was paid 200,000.00. I listened as he answered the question "who do you think should raise the kids?". His answer: "Katherine (his mother) and me. We will make sure they are fed.........". He went on with other things but the "make sure they are fed" was so weird. It's almost as if they were little animals. Well hell yes you will feed them. That's the least you could do. There is a lot of money resting on their little heads. Feeding them would be a marvelous idea! I have had way more then enough of The Worship of MJ. If I had all the money he spent on drugs, I would share it with you and we both would be rich! Nuff said!

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  1. Hi Charlotte Ann
    This man reminds me of a comedian called Norman Gunston who terrorised us all in Australia a few years ago.

    Actually an actor Gary McDonalld, he was brilliant with his 'journalistic' interviews. I remember seeing him on the stage and he made minced meat of a man who fell asleep during his performance.

    Thanks for visiting Journeys in Creative Writing.
    June in Oz


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