Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silly Me

My sister called with complaints of foot pain and it's not on the leg afflicted with the bad knee which is her right leg. It's her left foot that pains her. She described her symptoms which match the same symptoms I have in relation to heel pain I have on my operative leg.

I have been blaming this pain on the effects of the TKR but as I spoke with my sister about this I realized I had this heel pain months and months before I had the TKA. This is not related to the surgery!
Plantar fascitis! I did some research and I'm positive that this is the cause of my heel pain. The symptoms match my symptoms exactly. Pain upon arising from bed or after sitting for extended periods and standing to walk. The cure? Exercises to stretch the plantar fascia. I'm wondering now if I eradicate that pain will there still be any pain related to the TKA?
I'm going to start working on exercising that foot and wearing shoes with a better arch support. In England this is called "flip-flop" pain related to the lack of support to the arch of the foot from wearing this footwear.
I'm so excited. Maybe this is the answer to the pain I have been assigning to my TKR!
I'm going to observe for a while.

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