Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barefootin, A Thing of the Past

Friday we got home and Saturday we spiffed up the lawn and washed all the beach towels. Here it is Sunday and since this is supposed to be a day of rest, that's what I've been doing. After finding out what was causing my heel pain, I dug through my closet for a pair of Dr. Martin sandals. These sandals have a nice arch and a thick heel. A Naprosyn and a pair of thick soled sandals and I'm all set to observe for the next few days any improvement in how my heel feels. I have to get used to always wearing shoes now. Going barefoot is no longer an option with the heel problem I'm having.
I'm doing stretches for the plantar facia along with all the other stretches I have to do for the TKR. Always something huh?

I'm out of here to rest; heating pad wrapped around my heel.

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