Thursday, July 9, 2009

All About Nothing

It's Thursday already? Where did this week go and what did I do during this time. In two words, NOT MUCH. I did get up this morning and put on my paint stained work around the house clothes and mowed the yard. I couldn't finish by doing the back. Out of gas. Three large gas tanks and all of them empty. How does that happen? I did do some weed eating around the flower beds in the front. Ah well, I'm going to get showered and dressed and let F (hubby) finish. It was so dang humid when I got up this morning that I could not see out the windows. They were fogged up.

Carrie spent the night and the first thing she requested when she got up this morning was "where's Poppy?". Since he got out of bed she has been following him around. I finally was able to get her dressed but only after her Poppy said he was going to change clothes so they could go fill the gas tanks. Off they go with her belted into the back seat of the truck.

I'm outta here to get a shower. Just walking outdoors makes one feel sticky and doing yard work just tripled that feeling.

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