Monday, July 6, 2009

Skewed or Screwed

I'm watching all the Michael Jackson tributes two days before his memorial service is to be held. Accolades continue to be heaped upon his lifeless body and I'm still shaking my head at all this. Our worship of someone that was clearly not always appropriate in his behaviour; oh hell, "not always" is definitely not describing all his wacko behavior most of the time in his later years. His appearance? I watched as his face dissolved over the years into a horror mask. Anorexia, body dismorphia, drug addiction, and an over fascination with little boys and this is the person we are today extolling his virtues in music; this person died from his own hand. He died from his addiction to drugs? or from what the anorexic lifestyle did to his body?

Yesterday the news broke about Steve McNair's death. He was found in a condo owned by him with his girlfriend. He was married. He was shot 4 times; twice in the head and twice in the chest and his girlfriend had a bullet wound to the head with the gun beneath her body. Did I mention he was married? Once again, his teammates and the people of Nashville are appearing to talk about what a wonderful person he was. Huh? Oh yeah, his wife Michelle is not suspected of having anything to do with this homicide and she was reported as being very upset. Huh? Ok now. This guy had a wife of 12 years and 4 small sons and is found shot by girlfriend in his condo in downtown Nashville. What is wrong with this picture?
Apparently nothing. Everyone heard the reports on his death and they still are heaping praise on what a wonderful person he was. How did we get to this state of affairs and affairs in this case is appropriate.
What specifics does one have to maintain to have
pronouncements of greatness on talent which must preclude all the weirdness, devious behavior and deviant behavior of their lifetime. I'm surprised by the memorial services and the number of fans that want to attend. I would think with all the skeletons that creep out of the closet these dearly departed would slink off to their grave sites and wish to be unnoticed as they did so. Notoriety emphasises all the deviant behavior of their lifestyles. Instead of slinking away, we the alive and well and enamored of their lifestyles continue to elevate their importance in our society. When did we get to this sad position?
When did no matter what one did, if they are a public figure in sports, music or movies, we idolize them. There is no judgement on their personal behavior. Their star qualities relieve them of being truthful; of setting an example for their young fans.
McNair's young sons can someday respond when asked 'where is your dad?" with "oh, his girlfriend shot him" and his wife, my mom, was upset.' What were these people thinking? Apparently that was the problem. They weren't or else they think they are entitled to do what feels good at the time.

My rant ends here!

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