Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Carrie at the laptop.

Today Carrie got clipped. Her mother has been doing her hair. Usually I get that honor. I wash and then detangle it. I think daughter had enough of the wash and detangle in the past couple of days so she cut off a bunch of Carrie's hair. It doesn't look short here but if you look at her pictures from last week, her hair was down to her hips. This is quite the change but I think she looks fine. You can see where she got too much sun on her forehead and nose and she peeled. I should have been watching her more closely and putting the sun block on her more often. She didn't complain about the sun burn. She is such a pleasant little person. When she came by here today she thanked me for taking her on vacation. I told her we would do it again soon.
I'm still wearing sandals. No bare feet for me and I have no heel pain. How great is that? I have muscle pain in the quads but it's not a pain that makes you want to scream. I can live with that.

This blog spot site is weird tonight. It's almost impossible to upload a picture. It is taking three times as long as usual to get a picture on here. Ah, the last two just uploaded. I'm done!

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