Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The funeral with emphasis on "THE". I'm watching the funeral procession and later the memorial will be displayed. It's almost over. Over a week of saturation from the media of his life and music. Soon he will truly get to rest. The remainder of his career will be a money making venture by his family. He will be supporting them even after his death. The work horse will continue to provide. I find it odd that the family members have been so emotionless. Did HE cloister himself away from those family members? How many family gatherings did he attend? Was he so addicted to drugs that it was his main concern during the last years of his life?

Gary, Indiana wanted him buried there. Some wanted him buried at Neverland. A tourist attraction that would have boosted their economy. A shrine could have been built there to entice vacationers to visit. That didn't happen either. It just seemed like everyone wanted a piece of him as soon as he was gone. How sad to be so rich and famous that this is the concern your loved ones exhibit.

I just finished watching the memorial at The Staples Center in L.A. I was impressed with the service. The family service at Forest Lawn Cemetery was short, maybe less then an hour and then he was moved to the Staples Center for the memorial.

It will be interesting to see what the next few weeks will bring when they announce the results of the autopsy. I'm sure the results are already known but were not announced until after the funeral.

Is it our ages? Is that why it seems that everyone from our generation is passing so quickly in the last year? It has been at least 6 people in the past month that have passed. McNamara, Farah Faucett, M. Jackson, Gail Storm, Ed McMahon, Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls, and the others I can't come up with at this moment but I know there were more.

It's getting scary out here!

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