Friday, July 3, 2009

Dry and Toasted

As I look around the neighborhood I could mistake it for Arizona or the plains of Wyoming. Dry toasted brown grass circles the houses in this subdivision. One rain is all we have had in the past month and it is parched here. Fourth of July with all the fireworks is but a day or two away. There hasn't been a ban placed on them and I'm wondering how many grass fires are going to be attributed to all those revelers. I'm watering the lawn now and I'll keep my water hose close by in the event that a wayward missile heads this way.

Carrie came to visit last night. She spent the night and we had a nice long bath followed by a shampoo, condition and rinse of her long hair. Her dad doesn't brush her hair nor shampoo it when she stays with him so it's right rank by the time she gets back home. She tells him she doesn't want him to brush it and brushing it is a 20 minute experience and he doesn't have the patience to do it so he doesn't force her to have it brushed. That must change. A natural bristle brush that I keep here allows it to be a painless experience even with the tangles that are inevitable after a shampoo.

She is dressed and ready to return to his house today when her mother picks her up at 9AM. I would rather her stay here with me but she will be back on Sunday. Her brother is going back with her to spend a few days. He has a 50cc murdercycle there that is being repaired and he can ride it in the country without a license. He is all hyped up to go ride that bike. Ted has an attention problem so this ought to be interesting. He is easily distracted and I don't think a murdercycle will be a good fit for him. Things happen quickly on a bike.

It's time to shut down the sprinkler and it's already getting hot here. Another scorcher for SW La.

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  1. There is an after-shampoo rinse that removes all the tangles.


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