Sunday, July 5, 2009

Modem Red

I think my modem is fading out on me. I may have to contact the phone company and request a new one. One red light stays on and I cannot connect to the Internet today. Yesterday was a bit "iffy" on connecting but today it is definitely down. I'm connected now from an unsecured network in the neighborhood. I think it's my neighbors wireless I'm connecting through right now.
At least I'm able to get online and check my email and type this blog that the world would surely stop unless I posted a blog everyday. Ok, so maybe everyone in the free world would remain unchained, alive and intact without my little typing spree but I hate to tempt fate.

I've been inside this house for the past 3 days and today I plan on escaping for a while. I'm going to stroll the mall or just drive around a while; anything to escape being inside.
It's my day to water the lawn; I'm doing that now and it's time to move the sprinkler. I pay close attention to the days I'm allowed to water. The water police may be lurking at the end of the block to pounce upon me for illegal watering. I'm not watering for a great amount of time; just a little because I hate to use the water on the grass with the lack of moisture we have been receiving. It's supposed to rain on Monday and Tuesday and I'm thrilled. Funny how when I talk to my sister in Ohio she bemoans the fact that it is raining YET AGAIN!
I'm off to shut down the water. I will be back modem willing.

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