Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Pool Clean

The last time Carrie used her pool was weeks ago so it was emptied and dragged to the side of the shed where it lay in a crumpled mess with little insect critters using it for a home. Mold and grass clippings clung to the floor and the walls of the little pool; it was neglected.

Last night Carrie came to stay the night and informed us that she wanted her pool filled with water so she could swim. We told her "in the morning, not tonight" and well, the morning arrived and she didn't forget. I went to the side of the shed and tugged the nasty thing out of it's place where it was flung in carelessness.

To the middle of the yard, bleach bottle and detergent in hand, I used a long handled scrub brush to move the bleach and soap around in the pool. Carrie sprayed the remains out while I held the pool over my head to let it drain. She got all angry when I used the sprayer and accidentally sent a stream of water all over her. She's getting in the pool soon so what difference does it make? She hates her face getting wet. I had to apologize before she would have anything to do with me.

The pool eventually filled with water and Carrie hesitantly climbed in. I saw her shiver; the water fresh from the tap had not gained any solar heat. It was chilly. Playing in the pool was a shorter length of time then cleaning it. She is wrapped in a towel and on the sofa watching Toot and Puddle. So much for outdoor in the humidity fun. She tolerates the heat as well as I do; not at all.

Now? A request for breakfast so I'm off to the kitchen to fulfill her request. Her nap will be at noon; I smile as I think about this. A break. The princess will be asleep and I will be doing just what ever the hell I want! I spell relief "nap time".

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