Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Tail End of Friday

 Today I made another trip and picked up those sofa cushions. They are softer..yes...but I doubt they will ever be as soft as the down pillows that were the original equipment! The above two pictures are of a Panther; a two seater and I'm thinking it is English although I haven't done a search YET.
 Carrie chilled out on the ride home with me. Yes, the girly girl has  her makeup on.
Chillin at the house!

I had one goal and it was to pick up the cushions. I'm spending the evening with Carrie Lane. She has my 35mm Canon SLR film camera. There isn't any film in it as I never use it anymore. It has been a bit of a struggle explaining this ole dinosaur to her. She can't quite grasp the fact that she can't instantly review the pictures she has just shot as she can do with the digital. I opened the back of it and showed her where the film went and explained that we had to send the film off to get it developed. She requested I just upload them onto the computer so she could see them.

Back to square one in the education of camera use, I scrounged around and found a canister of film. I may load it and the next time she is here we can make a trip to the park and shoot some of the film. I have a feeling that not getting instant gratification by viewing them as shot won't appeal to Carrie who has grown up with digital cameras.

Right now, she has that heavy camera hanging around her neck as she rotates around the room. I hear the old familiar click and whirl and the shutter is detonated. I miss that sound. That Canon traveled the USA with me for years during my travels. While out west, the wide open spaces required the long lenses that added to the weight of that camera  that I packed around. From Washington state down the coast of California and across the entire USA, I moved around year after year. The eastern seaboard from Rhode Island to the Florida coast, my photo albums were filled with shots taken with that Canon. Occasionally I select an album and sit down to leaf through the photos that chronicle my life and travels.

Devils' Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood, Rapid City, and Denver name just a few of the towns or places that  rest between the covers of those old albums. The steam rising on a cold morning in Yellowstone, the white caps and rapids of the Snake River just down the canyon from Jackson Hole and the snowy mountain runs of the ski slopes are pictured and saved. Moose in the school yard in Big Piney, Wyoming and friends on camp outs in the mountains, these pictures too  spark memories of life in the Rocky Mountains.

 My albums are one of the first things packed when a hurricane is headed this way. My photos are very important to me. With the time I have been wasting lately, I could fire up the scanner and digitalis them. I'm afraid that rates right up there with the boring job of shredding paper.  Though I would like it done, I won't be doing it. I know myself and after scanning a few pages, I would lose interest. I have an external hard drive where I store all the current photos. It's about the size of a deck of cards and I've been adding photos to it for years. I still have one half of it left for storage. These photos are shot with a digital camera and are ready to store.

It's time to head to the stove. Chicken Parmigiana is on the menu; a salad, some garlic bread and a glass of red wine. I'm done! 

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