Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Bunny

This year we were smart. Ok, so it took way too many years for us to accomplish that but I'm just sayin...

Let me stop right here and tell you how much I detest that overused phrase ..."I'm just sayin".....
It's been done and done and done and if I never hear it again......well..I'm just sayin"

Now. Easter. The daughter and Carrie boiled, colored and counted the eggs. Thirteen of them. That was the wise thing to do. Count them. Now we won't find a week old egg hid beneath a car seat by the odor of rancid rot. We hid those thirteen eggs and when Carrie hunted eggs, we also knew when the hunt was over. At the count of "thirteen" we called a halt and went back into the house to work on dinner.

Carrie gets to help. Usually it's pouring the beans into the bowl, stirring the ingredients together or peeling eggs. She peeled the shells off of three and showed me how good she was doing. There was no egg white left. The yellow round yolks sat in a dish waiting to be made into deviled eggs. I caught her before she peeled all of the thirteen and told her she needed to wait until her mother got back. "I think you might need a little more direction on peeling the shells off the eggs."

I'm in charge of potatoes. I'm on my way to the kitchen to check on the dessert and to peel some potatoes.

Happy Easter to one and all . Here's hoping you are spending it with family and friends or with family or with friends!


  1. For Easter you hide potatoes as well as eggs? That sounds a trifle odd, I mean "original", Charlotte Ann.

  2. no no no Buffalo....I'm making the mashed potatoes for the hiding spuds here!

  3. Hope you had a good Easter. I'm glad I'm able to comment again least for the next few weeks!


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