Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday and Rio

I wasn't in a hurry this morning to do anything. Lazing around in my pajamas, noon rolled around and was time to get off the computer and the telephone and get showered and dressed.

Back to the furniture stores, I sat on more sofas and chairs and left them where I found them. It's at times like these that I wish I lived in North Carolina. I know a lot of the furniture offered today isn't manufactured in N.C. as in days gone by, but I would feel better searching there. I look at the  finish on the case goods and note where something has bumped into it and a chunk of the finish has fallen off. Finishes are NOT supposed to fall off in chunks. The old finishes were stained wood where the new finishes of today are a sprayed on hard coat over fiber board. That finish isn't something that can be sanded some day and restained. I'm not happy with what is offered in today's market and that's what keeps me from wanting to part with my money.

I wrapped up the shopping and returned home empty handed. The day wasn't a loss. Carrie had plans for me and one of the things on her list was seeing Rio. We made it to the theatre just in time to climb halfway up the ampithreatre and move to the center where we dropped into our seats and rescued the can of Coke hid in my purse. I did spring for a bag of popcorn at Carrie's request. I'm just amazed that a small coke and a popcorn ends up costing as much as the two tickets purchased to get into the theatre.

We sat there in the dark and watched the cockatoos and  macaws in all their splendorous animated glory. Carrie sang and clapped her hands and waved her arms in the air as she sang along to the music. She's an animation herself. It's entertaining watching her watching a movie.

Meanwhile Ted had sprung from the bus at my house and was waiting on us to get back to the house. I whipped through the neighborhood, gliding to a halt at the stop signs sprinkled around the streets and he hopped into the car for a dinner of McDonald's fare. This wasn't what was planned for dinner tonight but Carrie informed me it was a tradition with her and her mother to always go to McDonald's for chicken nuggets after a movie. I may have been snookered. I'll check the veracity of this with April when next we talk.

Meanwhile, it's time to take Ted back home and see if I can talk Carrie into spending some quality time with her family so I can curl up with a cup of coffee and do nothing for anybody!

.........and  back to the house after dropping Ted off. Carrie didn't want to go home so she is  here  with me carrying my IPod around doing her own videoing of fruits in bowls and appliances in the kitchen and the toy from her happy meal. She is an eclectic film maker. I see a stage in her future. All we have to work on is making sure she is angst ridden, paranoid, bipolar, narcissistic, self centered and an ego maniac.

I'm off to be entertained by Ms. Carrie. It's going to be a long evening.

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