Monday, April 18, 2011

The Weekend

Saturday morning and a chill was in the air. I went early to do some grocery shopping to beat the crowd. It must have been the grocery shopping that early in the morning that inspired all the cooking that followed. Meatloaf, lasagna and chicken parmiagna was left to cool on the counter while I cleaned up all the mess from my cooking spree. I made a  visit to the daughters where I lamented about missing Carrie. She is visiting her dad in Lydia. Today she returns and I'm ready for her to come home. I may make the drive to pick her up.

It's again chilly this morning. The bad weather again swooped higher through this part of the state and the tornado warnings and extreme weather didn't materialize but the cool air dragged in behind it and stayed through yesterday and this morning.

The husband will be gone for a little longer then planned but at least everything is back on track with his job. He expects to be busy the remainder of this year. No tornadoes in Duncan, Okla. where he is working. I told him to not trust Oklahoma in the spring. This time of the year is notorius for mean winds there.

I have a new purse and a couple pair of sunglasses from my little shopping trip this morning. None of the furniture stores were open this Sunday morning, something I wasn't aware of until I drove through their empty parking lots.

It's late afternoon and I called Carrie's dad. We have a plan. I will be leaving shortly to drive over and collect her.

Sunday after 1700hrs.
I'm sitting here surrounded by Ted and Carrie. The smell of bacon drifts in from the kitchen. Ted requests bacon and eggs when he visits. It's his favorite meal and one which he knows I will cook for him anytime he requests. Carrie had her usual meal of noodles and now the Wii is fired up and a fast game of baseball is being played by Ted. Soon the doorbell rings and the daugher slips into the house. I think everyone is here now and all I want is a nap.

She packed up Carrie and the chicken parmigian and headed home. My eyes are fighting a good battle on staying open but they are still losing. I'm way to tired to try to stay up longer and it's not even late yet.

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